Productions typically take anywhere from 5-10 weeks to delivery, depending on the scale of the project.

Here’s a step-by-step of how the process works:  

1) Defining The Goal

Every business has different needs for video. Whether it’s driving sales, introducing the brand, or maintaining an edge on social, knowing the goal for the video is the starting point for every production.

2) Concept + Script

After consulting with you, we’ll provide different idea options for you, based on your strategy. Once you’ve chosen your preference, we’ll refine it to make sure it’s production-ready. This is also where we’ll determine the final budget for the project. If your video needs an online campaign, we’ll bring in our marketing expert to draft how your campaign will look.  

3) Pre-Production

During this process, we’ll scout the locations for the project, schedule the day(s) of filming, casting actors, source props, and make sure everything is ready for the day of.

4) Filming

Lights, Camera, Action!

5) Editing

With all of our footage in the bag, now we’ll start piecing the story together into the video of your dreams. Many people think editing is a robotic process. It’s not. In fact, most filmmakers agree that the real story is created in the editing room. It’s about finding the right rhythm of the project, choosing the music, and making sure the video packs its full punch.

6) Color and Graphics

Color grading (hues, saturation, etc.) is a subtle but crucial art, and goes a long way in determining the mood of each video. A good color grade makes the video pop, but a great color grade can aid the storytelling process and focus the viewer on what’s most important.


7) Delivery and Launch

Now your video is complete. Receive your high quality video file for publishing. If you have an associated campaign we’ll launch it now. In order to make your video future-proof, we’ll hold onto your video files for three years in case you want to change any text or update any graphics.