Testimonials are a great way to connect your audience with the value of your company or product. These videos can be just as wide-ranging in style as any other video. It’s all about finding the right fit for your brand.


Located in NYC, this growing B2B fin-tech company provides a business owners access to fast working capital without the typical loan structure. With a model they call “Royalty" Investment” they’ve helped thousands of business owners like Avrum grow, all without the strain of traditional debt.

We met Avrum in his warehouse and made it an integral part of the set and look for the video.


This small B2B company out of Long Island saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by providing a free service to analyze and recruit the right PEO for each business.

We met Colleen at her office in Midtown where she candidly discussed her experience with PEO Spectrum and the savings her company enjoys as a result.