1) How much does video cost?

There is no standard price for video. Instead, final cost of a video depends on several factors including: amount of creative; filming and editing sessions; cast size; crew size; props and location. See below for more accurate estimates. Most of our projects with one full filming day are between $4000 and $7500. Check out more detailed estimates below.

2) What kind of pricing packages do you have?

If you’re looking for more than just one video, we have different arrangements based on your needs:


For those who are looking to make a splash on social media. We’ll produce a series of 3-5 commercial quality videos of around thirty seconds meant to build brand awareness on social media.



Whether it’s your first foray into video or you want to scrap old material, we meet with you to create an entire suite of videos that suit your needs to be hosted on your website. High volume means a much lower price per video.

Examples of videos can include: Explainer; About The Brand; Product Videos; Testimonials; Tutorials, and more!


If you’re looking to create consistent, ongoing content for your brand then this is the best option for you. With a quarter-to-quarter commitment, you’ll be able to lock in exclusive pricing for each video.

3) What does my rate include?

All rates include full creative, filming, professional crew, editing, color and graphics.

Rates do not include location rental, cast, props or transportation.

4) What happens if my branding changes?

Change your logo? Update your User Interface? No problem. We’ll hold onto your project files for up to three years for no additional cost. If you’d like to update your videos, just let us know and we’ll get right on it!

5) Who has the rights to my video?

Clients retain all legal rights to the videos. We only request to use the material for our own promotional purposes (that’s what happens when you’re proud of your work!).

6) Do you produce animation videos?

While we tend to prefer live action content, we can animated screenshots and create other 2D based animated content. However, if you are looking for a character explainer video, we suggest hiring a studio that specializing in that type of product.